What you need to do…NOW!!

October 5, 2011 at 10:21 pm

Hi Alan,

You stated your wife started with flu-like symptoms about 4 weeks ago…that would have been about November 6th. Then you state that 2 weeks ago her symptoms were so severe that she could not get out of bed. That would have been about November 20th – Then 3 days later or about November 23rd she was hospitalized, test were carried out and GBS was suspected. Then after another 3 days she was admitted in ICU, which would have been about November 26th, then after a total of 7 days, or about October 1st, she had a tracheotomy. [QUOTE]She appears to be nearly completely paralysed with only some slight movement of the head and mouth, she cannot blink. To make matters worse, today her temperature is raised and she has developed a chest infection. The Doctors still will not commit to GBS though they are leaning in that direction.[/QUOTE] You need to [U][B]insist[/B][/U] that the neurologist start IVIg treatments @ 2gm/kg body weight of your wife over a 5 day period. Example: If your wife weighs 140 lb divided by 2.2 = 64 kg x 2 = 128 total grams, divided by 5 = 26~grams/day for 5 days. And DO IT ASAP! Every day this treatment is delayed could mean the difference between months vs YEARS in her recovery.

In fact, print this post and give it to her doctors and neurologist…and be firm when you tell them about the IVIg. Also, do not let them infuse the IVIg more than 125 ML/hr.

Warmest regards to your wife and you.