What tests I had done

November 9, 2007 at 5:33 pm

I had a MRI and a nerve conduction study. Which they said showed normal. The doctors said what I have is something that is not serious but has a very long name. I also had a CAT scan when I first tried to get help but they sent me home. This came on when I was having a shower and noticed that I could not feel hot or cold further up my legs that was about the13 of october. That night I decided to get checked out as I had a feeling something was wrong. While in the waiting room my hands went tingly and were starting to go numb. and my legs were more affected. When Ifinally saw the doctor he said he did not think it was neurological because of the loss of sensation. and gave me a CAT scan and sent me home. I knew I was neurological and tried getting in to see my neurologist but she said she did not think it was urgent and said I could wait till december till I needed to see her. My friends were flabergasted that no one was doing anything told me to go to the U of A hospital. I only had to wait approx. 1 hourbefore getting in andthey admitted me. But thwhat I have told you all is as much as has been done.

Hope you all are doing well, keep your spirits up, I am doing as much as I can and God is withme and giving me hope each day so I give you the same.