What precautions do you take now?

June 13, 2011 at 9:46 am

Hello again,

Thank you very much for your posts.

I am wondering what kind of precautions you take since you’ve been dx’d with the GBS. What medications besides refusing flu vaccinations should people with the GBS avoid? One thread mentioned “anesthetics without epinephrine” at the dentist’s office. Should I/DH start reasearching and write each and every drug he should refuse in order to prevent a relapst?

Also, my DH doesn’t drink or smoke, but he would like to have a bottle of beer once a week at least (he’s German after all:p ). Is it dangerous? Clearly, I think I’ll become a mental case because now I’m worried of a relapse or something.

By the way, how can PT/OT harm more than help a person with the GBS as Judi stated in her posting? What I’ve observed so far is that the therapists watch how my DH performs and they also ask ‘is it too hard? Do you feel fatigue?” If an answer is Yes, they don’t push him, but if it’s a “No”, then ask him if he’d like e.g. a heavier weight on his ankle or on a machine and proceed from there. I thought it’s appropriate, but based on Judi, it seems as if you have to go light on everything….:confused:

PS. I’ll have to find that book on GBS on Amazon.