What is normal blood work with CIDP?

January 28, 2008 at 10:41 pm

Hi Ken,
I have read lots on CIDP and I have never read of any common blood work abnormalities with CIDP. Frequently, there is an elevation of protein in the cerebral spinal fluid, but no blood work abnormalities.

How long have you taken Cellcept? I ask because my husband started Imuran in December with all his blood work within normal ranges. Within 13 days of taking Imuran, he had elevated WBC, lowered RBC values, lowered hemoglobin values, increased lipase, increased calcium, lower hematocrit.

His neurologist had two queries 1) sensitivity to Imuran or 2) infection that went rampant when the Imuran knocked down his immune system. He is now off Imuran, and the neuro wants to try Cellcept next.

The more I read stories like yours, the more cautious I become about immunosuppressants like Imuran or Cellcept. There seem to be large numbers of people that do well on both those drugs, but there are those that experience things like sepsis which seems to become life threatening very quickly. You say your doctor says you have a blood infection now and had a lung infection in October. Both sound rather serious. My first question to the doctor would be “is this related to Cellcept and should I come off it?” And my second question would be “how are you going to treat my blood infection?” And my third one would be “should I be in the hospital?”
Good luck.