what I’m thinking now…

April 9, 2007 at 6:10 pm

I go back for the Ivig a week from tomorrow. Remember, the dr said he doesnt think it’s working for me and I felt like I wanted to go one more time b/c what if this is the time it will work .
I have done the treatments…the “boosters” have been 1 every four or five weeks. What if that is too spread out ? What if I tried it once every two weeks for a month or two ? Do you think that would better my chances ?
I had slight improvement after the first five day in a row course, but, after that, I dont think I have. When you notice it helps, how soon do you notice and how much can you actually tell ? I know some have gone from being in a wheelchair to walking again but my case isnt so severe. I have numbness in both feet now…started with the left. Today I noticed my right foot when I was driving, that it felt like my shoe was too tight and cutting off circulation. That wasnt the case, but that’s what it felt like b/c it was in the “going to sleep” stage of numbness. I cant lose my ability to drive.

So, back to the point…I want to try the IVig treatments like ev two weeks and see what happens. Would it hurt to try ? I know…it’s very expensive and hard to come by. I just dont want to give up that it’s not going to work yet. I am scared of steroids…like you cant believe. And, the plasma exchange…ok, I would try that if I had the sick time to take from work.

I dont know. But, I do think I’m going to ask the dr. What do you all think ?

I have definitely noticed that it does make a difference when I am tired and stressed. I have so much to deal with and only this forum that understands.

thanks in advance for your advice.

Happy Monday.