What helps nerves grow and other questions?

December 11, 2007 at 6:59 am

I was wondering if there are any natural foods that encourage new nerve growth,,i.e. like walnuts are supposed to lower chol..Also, I’ve heard that nerves regrow like 1mm per day. How long are nerves supposedly to hands and feet, and How come there isn’t a chart out there that could give you an idea based on your height/wt etc, that you could get an inkling, based on condition..when they say demylinate how far does this go back? Any of you totally lost your reflexes , and got em back? lots of questions, but at 6 in the am what else ya gonna do…How many of you were in intense pain during the gbs in the hospital, and the bed/sheets caused agony like weight on your toes…deanop