What % get great results of IVIG and who don’t

September 16, 2010 at 10:18 am

Is IVIG Proven to slow it down? I remember reading that some people on here did not get the results as others had. GBS is known to get bad and then turn around. The first time I had it, high doses of adrenal extract turned it around. I saw the results in a day or two after taking it… my blood pressure started to come down and the ascending paralysis stopped. My wholistic doctor told me he would have put me on an IV of vitamin C and adrenal extract if I had needed hospitalization. I did not get hospitalized thanks to what I was taking…but it was scary waking up each day getting worse…until I discovered High doses of Adrenal extract.

My hypothesis is that Stress somehow is major involved. So I think we depleted our adrenal glands…and that starts the downward spiral. Perhaps some of those on IVIG, the results Might be the fact that the patient is being taken care of in the hospital and has a chance to Exhale…and let the adrenals repair. Those people back in the 1800’s with Consumption/TB..they would wake up one day and be better.What really happened was that the bacteria had “eaten” all the iron in the body and when none was left, they recovered. So there was a reason. Wonder Why GBS just turns around?? And to those still suffering, I have not figured that out yet….give me time…wink.