What did you do to get GBS?

August 25, 2010 at 10:19 pm

You did not mention WHY you think you got GBS……my guess is that we put too much stress upon our “temples”….whether it be an immunization, giving up smoking, triathalons,etc…..I have found that most people I talk to were run down to begin with and then they did the final thing that caused their body to say THAT”S IT!!! And the body shortcircuited. Does this sound at all familiar to your situation?
I think that people do not give us as much respect for this Horrendous syndrome because they have not heard of it. I was reading a book that had a section title which said Guillain-Barre(French Polio)……we have survived Polio……(French because the name comes from 2 French doctors’ names) If you use French polio, you should get more respect……
Be careful to not push yourself with exercise…..your body is still repairing…..be kind to it……if you broke a leg, you would favor it for a while.
Glad you are accepting this as a challenge…..just be kind to your temple. In everything there is a lesson…..what lesson have you learned…?

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