What about CellCept?

April 22, 2009 at 9:30 pm


I was dx. with GBS in July 2005. Treated with IVIG four days in a row, which worked very well. The GBS symtoms returned 4-6 weeks after the treatment with IVIG. I was treated again with IVIG for 4 days, symtoms resolved but again returned in about 4-6 weeks. About 11/2005, I was diagnoised with CIDP, started on CellCept 2000mg twice a day, and Lyrica 150mg twice a day. I remained on the IVIG one day a month and CellCept 2000mg twice a day, until July of 2007. That was my last dose of IVIG. I have been in a drug remission on CellCept 2000mg twice a day (and Lyrica 150mg twice a day for the neuropathic discomforts) ever since.

I am a nurse in surgery and work full-time, no call. I am doing very well. I have some neuropathic pain/discomfort. With a good nights sleep I always feel better. My work load was adjusted so that I do not stand as much which greatly decreases my leg discomfort. I still have chronic numbness in my feet and hands with odd senations in my extremities, which become worse when Iam tried and/or “stressed out about something.” I have adjusted to having CIDP and I am very gratefull that I am able to lead a very normal life with the help of my neuromuscular specialist, CellCept, Lyrica and of coarse my most wonderful husband.

The GBS/CIDP Foudation has been extremely helpful.

Pam K