What a Man…

October 26, 2006 at 6:18 pm

[QUOTE]I had a really good (busy) day on Saturday. We Started around 9:00. The Scouts set up about 30 signs for a beast cancer walk-a-thon over a 10 block pathway. We finished assembling the signs in the morning and had them in the ground by noon. At 12:30 I was at a Suzuki School of the Arts (a music group) parents meeting about a (fund raising) Golf Tournament. I am in charge of tournament day logistics (I can handle that fairly easily). The meting lasted until about 1:45. After the meeting I hustled down to Outdoor Supply, an outdoor camping gear store, that had some equipment we had purchased for some scouts. The last sleeping bag had finally come in. I picked it up on the way to get the scout I needed to help me set up the church for Contemporary service. I had a couple of volunteer scouts set up the Family Life Center (about 300 chairs) for one of the Sunday services. After getting done with that, I was informed that one of my scouts didn’t get his chance to light a campfire on the last campout(it is a requirement). So we went back to my house and made supper over the the firepit I have in the backyard. He lit a fire and made soup for himself, me and my son. (I made sure my wife was present for youth protection– 2 deep leadership) We got several items passed off.

After all of that I was tired and went to bed to sleep. I had a good day. I felt like I contributed to several peoples lives, in a good way. It felt good to do good for other people.[/QUOTE] You could have said, “the reason I was 12 minutes late is because I made the post and seen that I had picked the same driver twice, and had to change my picks”….that has been done in the past and your picks would have been allowed. But you are to much of a man, and to honest for that.

And, I look at all you do for your community – what a leader!! You are a great Man Dick S. We are lucky to have you here!!

With best regards.