What a great thread

August 5, 2008 at 10:28 pm

Terry-I have to thank you for referring me to this wonderful family and your strength shines through and touches so many.

Canada Jan’83 cyber granny-you have become my rock. I feel like you threw out the liferope to me while I was drowning in the water. You listen and advise and support with a very kind heart.

Norb-your strength and courage and knowledge and stories inspire me to better myself, to ask more questions, get better answers, and just never to give up.

Dawn and Kelly and Gabrielle-thank you for your welcomes and quick answers to all my questions. That means a lot to a new person to the forum.

Jim-you tell some of the best jokes and whenever I am really hurting I look for your posts to add the humor that is lacking in my life.

Ken, Allaug, Angel Cher, and Terry-I have so enjoyed seeing all your pictures.
Ken, still think the lion is winning in my book for the best shot. But the way you all work your magic with your cameras, I feel like I’m right there with you.

I too have many to mention. Thank you Jan for starting this thread. There truly is a blessing and beauty in every day-just some days have to look harder-but what a great thread Jan to do just that.