What a day…

December 21, 2009 at 10:39 pm

Thanks, everyone, for your input. I’ll follow up on it in more depth tomorrow.

What a day! Went to see my GP today, and he gave me a scrip for Lyrica, as well as one for Mirapex. Agreed that I’d try the Lyrica first, and if it didn’t help, I’d try the Mirapex. I guess Lyrica is more along the lines of Neurontin, and Mirapex is an anti-seizure med, similar to Requip. Listened intently to everything I had to say, but still is deferring to the neurologists and basically trying to help me get along until that appointment. The frustrating part was the tremors…I felt like Michael J Fox as I was sitting there…bobbing and weaving like I was in one of his political ads from the fall! It’s really scaring me, the way it’s getting worse so quickly. Guess Parkinson’s can’t be any worse than CIDP when you think about it…nobody would WANT to have either one…but neither is a pretty thought. I’ve still not found anywhere that indicates that myelin destruction is a component of Parkinson’s, so I probably have nothing to worry about. But still…you know how things start running around your mind.

Anyway, maybe the meds will work. He also gave me a scrip for prednisone, since that seemed to help the last time my arms got bad. Nothing like the dosages many of you are on, or have been on. Hope the 5th gets here soon!

Thanks again!


What a day

August 30, 2008 at 11:36 pm

Well today was mom’s b-day (66) and wow what it a day it was. The floor did let my mom have the grandkids in to see her. That was very emotional for me. She has not seen my kids since the 4th of July and she is use to seeing them at least twice a week. She use to watch my 4yr. old on the two days a week I worked so she is very use to having him around. I know she misses them all very much. The nurse she had today was terrific in fact I got her a card to give her tomorrow to say thank you. She made my mom a special cake and approved my youngest the 4 yr. old to come in and see her. She was convinced it would help my moms spirits. It was hard for my oldest (17 boy) to see his grandma so sick. she is a very important lady in his life. She has always been there for me and my kids. I am the only daughter and the bond between a daughter and mother and the daughters kids is a tight one. My 12 year old girl who is also very close with her grandma (she is my only daughter and is very spoiled by grandma) was stronger than I expected. She was teary eyed but handled it very well. My 11 year old boy was a trooper and my 4 year old boy was as cute as ever. He just wanted to make sure grandma was ok. He misses her very much (we would shop with my mom every friday and have lunch together and she watched him two days a week. Anyway I had the hardest time out of everyone it was so hard to watch her try to be brave for them and smile when she was hurting and put on a happy face but, she did love to see them and my dad was so happy to see her reaction when they walked in the room. He said she just beamed when they walked in and was very happy. We are hoping it will give her the encouragement she needs to continue to be motivated and work at getting well and not be so discouraged. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers they are appreciated greatly.

Thank You,