WendyLouise? Just be careful HOW you present this all…

February 13, 2011 at 9:27 pm

to your doc[s]? Why? Some docs consider us a bunch of crazies whining about it all on-line in some blog fashion or worse… Thing is, here, I believe each and every one of US has simply been sharing experiences that we’ve had ‘in common’! Tho not necessarily listed under any diagnostic category other than ‘OTHER’!
IF any good neuro worth their salt, read posts here? I do believe they’d be more sensitive to US and what we fear and often are afraid to ask, because we’ve been ‘blown off’ by prior docs w/the ‘Its all in your head’ line….end of subject! Well, yeah, it can be in our heads, and that’s what neuros who also ‘do heads’ are supposed to KNOW about?
Having had this quite a while now? Tho, not as long as the true veterans here… I learned from them and approached docs by saying: several people in more than one support group seem to demonstrate or feel the same symptoms and…are ignored. Please don’t ignore me? Given that challenge? You WILL get a promise of ‘getting back to you’. About 30% of the time, they actually do research about some aspect that ‘bugs’ them and while they don’t mention it? They do incorporate a concern or two into their treatments.
You can only ask and/or poke so much or soo far. YOU are not their only patient.
The soft sell is better at first than hitting them over the head w/a 2″x4″x6′!?
Or honey vs. vinegar etc.. As long as you get their thinking outside of one box and looking at the whole can you encourage broader thinking that gets a better approach to YOUR problems.
IF at the end of an appointment you want to scream? Get in your car and do it on the way home! It feels good…truly.
Yes, brain fuzzies can and do occur? It’s up to you to ask what other med choices there mite be that get your brain back, but also help w/pain. I always ask for a sample plus the prescription…so I can taper off old, try new and see IF the new is worse than the old. IF worse? 5-10days worth of samples should tell you if it’s a killer for you or not. Then? You’ve not wasted 30-90 days worth of pills! Also with the sample? I web up the dickens out of it about good bad and indifferent side effects! So I know what to expect. We are all different in our tolerances of meds. Heaven for you? Is purgatory or worse for me! Or, vice versa.
Good luck and let us all know? Please! Go forth and fight well.