Well where’s that surfboard!

August 21, 2008 at 4:31 pm

Linda H is going to join all those on the beach and get on one of those huge waves and go surfing. Let the wind take me away! Woooooooo HOOO! I’m not going to get barred from here if I had too many drinks am I? 😀
Jim! I believe that was me that asked about the hurricane status? Sorry! :p
Well since this is Cyber Bar! For the first time in years I have put on my bikini bathing suit! Anybody want to join me in surfing? We don’t have to worry about sharks. They will smell the Bourbon on our breathes and run in the opposite direction! LOL!
Now I’m surfing! Ohhh the wind feels good! Hey guys? Uh ohh!:confused: I just saw myself a huge great white whale! Ohh no! Hey guys! He’s swimming all around my surf board!
Wholy Cow! He just grabbed me and my surfboard and is taking me out further into the ocean! HELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP! 😮