Well what a day

May 28, 2008 at 1:17 am

I slept in today which was nicee as the nurses are great about this fact. For some reason I seem to get this rare treat other people at this hosptial don’t always get this luxury. Mabye it is because I am headed to a nursing home, that might explain why physio doesn’t work with me as much as other patients. The only thing I can reason is that they don’t want to bother with someone going to a nursing home. I hate this fact as I would like some more physio but they keep telling me they are too busy to work with me that day or some other excuse and when I do get to work with them they limit it to 15 minutes they say it is because I have GBS and that is how they treat people with GBS but for some reason they are not always 100 percent following this with other people. I wish I knew the real reason because I don’t like how it comes across I sometimes feel like I am not worth their time. I am out to prove them all wrong including the doctors but it is damn hard when physio doesn’t help when you are ready to do something.

Enough complaining I watched an awesome movie on TV “The Andromeda Strain” it was really good and made my day a little better it was pretty spectacular and it helped pass the time especially because the nerve pain today has been quite bad. I am really wanting out of this hospital with a passion and it really gets tiresome and boring here so TV is about my only entertainment. It has been really nice outside and I have spent time outside as well. My roommate still is in quite a bit of pain and seems to be getting a little better but like we all know we have our good days and our bad days. Her family commented to me that it is like a roller coaster I agree with that analogy. GBS is definatly like a roller coaster.

Thanks alot