Well we caught someones pet cat this morning

May 29, 2009 at 2:02 pm

Hubby has not set the trap under the house yet! Waiting for the weekend! But we set the trap by the wood pile trying to catch those kittens and this morning we had one of our neighbors cats in the cage! So we set her free! She indeed has not had any babies. After I looked at her I could tell she was not a momma cat!
And today I have not seen the babies come out. It rained yesterday too really hard so they are either hybernating and waiting for it to dry some or the momma cat might have moved them somewhere else. I hope we catch them. I hate seeing kittens with no home. Pumpkin when we found her she had tape worm and fleas all over her body. She was eat up with them. Very malnourished too! The sad thing is where I live we sometimes get really bad droughts in the summer and half these kittens that get born end up dying from starvation or get sick because of fleas and tape worms unless they have a caring home that gets them fixed and gives them flea meds and feeds them right. These kittens will most likely die if we don’t catch them.
But so far only one creature caught and that was not what we were hoping for! LOL!