well little update from Iceland, and all the bad things that are happen here

November 12, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Well, we are living in almost closed country today, we cant get any $ or Euros in banks, and we have hard to get things from other countries becouse our Central bank is taking care of who gets to import things and who dont. It is very strange and very stressful, each day you can see it is less and less of imported goods, only food and meds are alowed in importing. I feel that the stress does not do my good so I try to stay away from news and work and work, I still have enough to make my candles and will until in begining of new year. People in the country is very mad and dont know what will happen speacaly after the British goverment put us on terrorist list. We have never used wepon here and we dont even have army, you guy´s was our army until last year. Many people here have lost their savings speacaly older people, and it hurts to see theim having nothing for the those day´s they tried to save too. my father lost lot of money, and he retierd and this was his save way to good life in the old days. one of my son in law lost his job, so it is strange´s and they have their secound baby on its way. My secound daughter is afraid they will lose their house, becouse how the loan is getting higher every day, they say to us the inflation is 20% but how everthing is going up in price I would say it was 50% I know this is maby not the right place to write this but I had to give you a glimps what life in Iceland is today.