Well, I’ve got to say I did have real bladder issues ..

April 16, 2011 at 10:34 pm

Following leg surgery [which lasted for several HOURS?] and I did question my neuro about this. afterwards.. He likened it to a ‘positional neuropathy’, where being in one place too long caused undue pressure on some nerves-thus set them off kilter. I was advised to ‘wait and see’. Truly, patience and not stressing about it is the best way to deal with it! I for one, did NOT like having to live in Depends for a few months? I now do not. Trying NOT to STRESS? Was much harder for sure, but paid off in the long run.
Key to getting by without embarassment is monitoring when juices go in? Then out. Time Doctor appts when You KNOW you won’t have issues and go from there. And don’t rely on doc office’s facilities? I’ve often found them ‘compliant w/handicap’ access? But not really easy to get into or out of!
Key to this all, is knowing how long intakes take to out-takes? Once you’ve got that down pat? It becomes far easier, and, thus w/less stress? Life Can become normal-ish afterwards. To try and PUSH things? Doesn’t work, Your body needs time to heal and recuperate from whatever insults that particular area had… Ask your docs? It’s better and easier [in my HO], to let nature heal and take it’s course. After 20 months from my problems’ onset? I’m now at about 20% loss of function, far better than 95%? And, I’m cool about the next 20% and get OVER IT!
I truly hope this helps? It’s scary at times to find such issues happening! I hope this abates and soon! Hugs and hope!!!!!!!!!!