Well I guess

July 27, 2008 at 7:29 pm

Well I guess Amy you can call me a quiter! I was forced to do the physical therapy stuff too and my body was not ready either. In fact I have quit PT three different times. I have tried doing it but my body was just not ready. I guess the best thing to do, is do what you can do and in time the other will come.
Take it one day at a time! Try not to get too frustrated.. even though that is hard to do when we are sick. I am a perfect example of that word. Not easy I know!
I remember back 17 years ago before I started getting sick with Lupus and I saw myself dancing and swimming and doing so many things. And each day I do try but it’s hard. Very hard!
So I truely feel for you Amy and hope things get better. I remember when I was bedridden for a while and that was many years ago before I gt diagnosed with Lupus. They were trying to figure me out. It was so depressing.
I started using my mind over matter. Anything stressful I tried to block it out and I started my own goals. When I started getting treatment back then, I went outside and started building my body up by sitting outside with a spoon and planting flowers. Sliding from ground area to ground area.
I had to crawl for a while and then I started walking again. That was my story with Lupus. Now! If I can just focus on getting this CIDP in control then I will have my second story.
Together we can do it as a team! 😉