Well I can answer these easy?

August 20, 2008 at 2:48 am

1: Wake up in the morning and take my bath. But am struggling to get my day started. Just can’t function like a normal human being. All during the day I am having to take several rest periods. The evening hours take a toll and my fatigue issues end up having me so worn out that I fall asleep with exuastion. Mispelled.
2: If I see a $100 bill on the ground, sure I would try to bend down and pick up it. Who wouldn’t? But I would have to have something to grab on to just to get back up.
3: If this is for SSD. I would say that my house has become a wreck. One day I try and the next day I can’t function relying on family members to help me out. In reality though, me myself tries to be somewhat functional. Maybe cleaning certain rooms on a certain day. The chores have changed to where I have had to make it easy for me. The less I have to do the better!
4: In so much pain and my illness takes away many nights of sleep. Maybe if I’m lucky I will get 8 hours once or twice a week. All the other nights, I have a pattern of only 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Insomnia!
5:Used to crochet but arms fall asleep. Hard to cook a turkey for thanks giving needing assistance. Small light items I can pick up with no problems. But some in here might not!
6: Light loads I can and normally 2 times a week splitting it up. Some weeks I have to have help with my laundry because I am too sick.
7: If the vacumn is light weight I can handle that but have to take one room or two rooms a day. What I used to do in one day is now being split into 7 days of trying to keep my house clean. Struggling to do so. I have even hired a housekeeper but they don’t clean to well and I can’t stand filth in my home. Family assistance is needed many times because of my illness!