Well I called my husband at work today and asked him

May 22, 2009 at 8:03 pm

Thank-you so much family for the much needed advice! I called my husband at work today and asked him for a second time to make sure it was okay with him for I do not want this to cause problems for us in any way. We are happily married and I can’t risk my husband being strained either. So I had to hear it from him a second time to make sure he was sincere and what if he changed his mind from last nights conversation. He told me to call Social Services and do whatever it takes. So I made the call today! Told the Social Worker everything that could be used against my sister and my niece. Yes you are right. Race does not matter! It’s the children that matter! The Social Worker is going to go ahead and start the Investigation. Starting with the school incidence between both children. She is going to make a surprise visit to my nieces home! That is going to be good! For my niece never does laundry and lets the clothes pile up to the ceiling and the clothes get mold all over them. My sister goes over there and trashes the stuff and buys new clothes for the children because the lazy bimbo does not clean her house. She never cleans her house! Last time I was over there was before Christmas dropping off the children Christmas presents and the house was a pig sty! It was nasty! So the Social Worker when she walks in is going to see a filthy filthy home. Piles of dishes not washed and piles of laundry not washed. Beds not made. Toilets not cleaned! She is going to see an unsanitary enviroment! Hopefully something will get done right away and me and my husband can get these children out from where they are at and my sister gets help. I have no intentions of keeping these children from my sister. But until I see counsiling I won’t let her see them. My niece on the other hand. We are going to fight tooth and nail to keep her children from her! If the Social Services can’t prove wrong doing then we are going to wait until the baby is born! This gets really good. My niece tosses dirty diapers under the beds, sofa etc and does not throw them away! We gave her a bedroom set with her last baby and when we removed the old mattress and bed there was mountains of dirty diapers under the bed with bowel movements in them. The room smelt horrible! I almost got sick smelling it and cleaned that mess up myself! Social Services though told me that if they find negligence then they try to keep the family together and try to do things for the mother to get her children back. But if they see that foster care is needed then they will seek family members first and make sure there are no histories of violence or criminal records that could do further harm to the children. Since she has lost the children once before then that makes a second violation with the courts. Meaning foster care is needed. Me and my husband would be investigated for Foster Care but we had this done before and had no problems there. If all else fails and they can’t prove negligence. Then she advised me of another alternative. There is more than one way to get custody of the children. We can personally go to a lawyer and file an emergency protective order against my niece and sister. Tell the courts that the children are in danger and have proof of her negligence claiming she lost the children before! If we have enough witnesses that can help testify her being a negligent mother at court we could win temporary custody of the children. Providing to the court that we are only doing what we feel is for the best interest of the children at the present time until the mother and my sister can get the help they need to better provide for the children. Meaning we are only thinking of the children and whats best for them. The cheapest route is to go through Social Services. For they would handle all the court procedures and there would be no fees we would have to pay. If we hire a lawyer for 5 children. Then we are looking at a huge lawyer bill. A good whopping $5000.00. Told my husband today what the Social Worker told me and he said lets wait and let them handle things first. If they can’t find wrong doing then we will wait until the baby is born and file a emergency protection order against both parties. My sister and my niece both claiming that both have problems that need counsiling. One good thing! I already have a few witnesses that can testify on my behalf! Got about 5 people that have seen the negligence and they even asked me why my sister has not done anything about it! So 5 people may get subpeoned to court! Actually 7! I know 7 people here that I could use.
So keep your fingers crossed!
Thanks for the advice family!
Linda H