Well Duke can’t find any referral

August 12, 2008 at 1:29 pm

Well! Duke can’t find any referrals anywhere in that place. They have searched their computers and there is nothing. So I called my nurse again and left a Fax number for her to call and hopefully they will do something today. If I hear nothing by Wednesday. ER it will be but going to Duke!
How in the heck could they loose a referral or not recieve it? Unless my Neuro’s nurse did something wrong faxing it! But I called the Referral Service and there is nothing. Totally nothing. They gave me the number to the Neuro Sciences Building and they have nothng. MDA/ALS Clinic has nothing. All of their calls that come in with referrals are documented and the last time they got a call from this Doctor was September 2007. :confused:
Now I’m lost! Duke said they also have a Raleigh office also and it might be there instead. But I’m just going to wait and see if my neuro’s nurse calls and refixes everything. What a bummer! 🙁
Got my hopes up and was so excited about finally getting into Duke and maybe getting treatment finally and have been let down. Even started crying to the lady at Duke while talking with her. You know! This stuff not only takes a toll on your body but it certainly takes a toll on your nerves as well. They finally called in another RX for me though and husband will pick it up. I hope this one works. Buspar! Lyrica, Cymbalta and Effexor did nothing but had bad side effects. Pray that Buspar works! I need some relief and need it bad!
Well! I guess I will just have to be patient and play the waiting game again! Arff arff arff