Well? Could be one of two things happening….

May 10, 2010 at 9:10 pm

Bad, that does or under dosing isn’t helping, or quality of the dose? Call the medication manufacturer ASAP! And LET THEM KNOW! In the long term? Could avoid lots of long term problems in the future -trust me on this!

Or, nerve pain? Is that IT’sWORKING! Nerves die by the mile once the things are in place to allow them to die? And of course-HURTS BEYOND HECK!!!
But nerves re-growing? and then trying to re-connect? Wow! That’s a whole other kettle of fish. The researchers know 98% more about nerves dieing than how they re-grow! Nerves die in seconds/minutes, but they take months to re-grow or new ones to grow and then re-connect. This is when the what I call the [B]OH WOW!!![B][/B][/B] moments do occur? The make you suck in your breathe and almost want to scream at times! I just turn myself down a notch and say to myself? “SELF? These nerves want directions…can YOU help them?” Sometimes it works…yet, i’m still breatheless at times! All these zeeps? Etc? I keep telling myself that it’s HEALING! And leave it at that… To worry more? Is pointless, it’s gonna do it or not!
These days? I welcome those breathe-taking moments? Let’s me know I just mite be getting somewhere! POSITIVE! Unless, I fall over-that’s a different issue tho. Hugs!