Welcome to your forumly

October 20, 2007 at 10:49 pm

Welcome Stoney,
This forum family is a source of knowledge and help you cannot find anywhere else. Today is my 1 year anniversary from the day I was put on the ventilator. I could not see a bag or anything because it had me paralized from my neck down in 48 hours. It hit me really similar to you but in my hands just hours before my feet one morning. The next day by noon I could ne raise my arms past my elbows. As you will find through your readings and studies because I know this Syndrome will almost become a obsession with you to be educated about. I can walk and do most things as before but there is a serious fatigue factor. I also have pain in my lower back and they say it is from trunk muscle being used for food while I was in the hospital. Then again there have been 4 other opinions about my pain , I’m going to try the least invasive first. I was in a CCU for 4 weeks then on the floor for a week while they got ready to transfer me to the Baptist Rehab which is the superior in my city.I stayed in the rehab for 4 weeks doing 2 -2 hour sessions a day . I walked out and continued outpatient rehab twice a week 2 hours each day , this lasted for 3 months and now I am still doing rehab 2 times a week but just 1 hour of PT.

It is very important to listen to your body for the sign of (it’s break time) because pushing too hard will or should I say can result in setbacks.

Ask any question in here that is puzzling you and chances are someone will respond with a answer or direction.

Also one more thing…… cut your food small and chew it well! I know from experiance with a piece of filet mignon stuck than sent me to the E.R. shorty after I returned home.

Again I say welcome to this Forum and sorry you need us but atleast you found us.


Welcome to your forumly

February 7, 2007 at 9:27 am

Michele welcome to a place to ask,vent,and just plain relax. You can also get a little insite about what others are dealing with and the similarities with your condition. I accept E-mail if you need that outlet. Come back and post, believe me it helps you and you might say exactlly what someone else needs to read. Good Luck!:)