Welcome Home ………

October 17, 2008 at 12:50 am

ANDY !!! Sounds like Andy had a trip about like meine. My Dr. gave me steroid shots for 6 months after coming home. The exercise, what I could do, and the steroids built the muscle mass back pretty quick and it also gave me more strength to do more exercise. After 6 months passed the Dr patted me on the stomach and said “what is this,” and decided I needed no more weight gain and cut the steroids at that point. By springtime you and Andy will be surprised at how far he has come. He will be a totally different man by then. Keep the faith and find out what medicines work best (for him.)

God bless,

Welcome home…

June 22, 2008 at 11:55 pm

In time, when one has been on the forum for a number of years like I have, I guess I never question anymore when someone chooses to just move on. I assume that they got better & got on with their life, or that the forum didn’t do much for them. That is why I almost never try to contact someone whose name I no longer see. If someone needs our help & support, all they need to do is come here & post, as you can see by the response to Caryn’s thread.

I have also had a rough time lately, the severe lower back pain I had a few years ago is back. I think it is from having to move my mother-in-law into Assisted Living, as her dementia just got too bad for her to live alone anymore. I know that was a terrible decision for my husband to have to make, but it seems to be working out for her & we know how well she is being taken care of. But he & i had to empty out all of her things from a large apt. all by ourselves; no, I didn’t lift any furniture (that was all donated to charity), but I did have to do a lot of sorting, packing, ect. which involved a lot of twisting & bending.

We also had to put our Siamese cat of 15 years to sleep on Friday, never dreamed it would be this hard on both of us. We had put up with some pretty erratic behavior the past few years, but then realized he was using our guest room as a litter box. He was with me through every terrible day of this illness for the past six years, on my lap at all times. I feel like I betrayed him? But we brought him home & made a nice grave in the back yard with a lovely cross my husband made. Maybe too much of a reminder; just couldn’t let them throw him in the landfill. I was also with him when they gave him the shot, as I wanted my voice to be the last he heard & my kisses to be the last he felt.

Now just waiting for some summer weather here in MN, enough of this rain & wind! There, that is my ranting for the night…