Welcome Daniel

November 5, 2007 at 11:37 am

I surely wish we could have met under other cirumstances, but, believe that others here have been on a similar path as you are on now.
At my own onset, that ‘fatigue thing’ was overwhelming! The falling asleep in a middle of a sentence, then waking up ten minutes later was the most peculiar part of it all. The next step was finding the pain medications and treatments that can work for you best.
You really HAVE come a long way, progress-wise. You might not believe it, nor ‘feel’ it, but, if read other peoples’ stories in older posts, you will find that you are not alone at all.
I recall my first few months after being hospitalized and then home alone as ‘expeditions’ – those of going to the bathroom, getting dressed, or ‘trekking’ to the kitchen to get either food or water. Each effort took an extraordinary long time at first, but keep at it, with that time and practice it does get easier! I went from wheelchair, to walker, to cane. I can now walk and drive for short periods of time. I have been through several ’rounds’ of physical therapy and have learned that ‘pacing’ yourself is key to more progress. As you say so well: there are moments that tell me ‘enough’! So true-you have to learn your limits and try to expand on them slowly…a snails’ pace compared to most of life. But, the nerves that cause our problems die very quickly…many of them, millions of miles of them, essentially. Nerves re-grow though very slowly…like about 1/4″ each a month.
That your legs are recovering more slowly only means that they were ‘hit’ harder. It sounds as if you were very lucky to get diagnosed promptly, and it’s up to you to learn and keep at it. It does get discouraging at times, truly does! But people here are good and can help you get over the bad spots and enjoy sharing the good ones.
Please don’t be afraid or shy to ask any question at all. There is no question that is ever to silly or basic with dealing with this stuff. My good thoughts are with you always.