Welcome and glad while IVIG can be scary at first?

February 4, 2009 at 1:20 pm

It’s a lot safer than lots of alternatives. Plus, you mite be able to have treatments at home which for me, has been a PLUS!
I’ve been on IVIG for over 4 years now, and the dose has gone up/down according to my weight [up/down] and bloodwork [up/down/sideways] While it mite not affect/effect some folks at all? For me, it’s been the difference between being able to walk with only a cane or needing a walker or something more complicated! I don’t know about anyone else, but that is a BIG difference for me.
I can say that my own personal experiences health-wise with other issues have put a LOT of stress on my already stressed system. So timing medical tests and procedures is something you should ask your neuro about and do things carefully. Examples: Blood tests-taken only a day or two before the next monthly infusion; Surgeries and biopsies [for me 4]- taken 10-14 days after last infusion…so you get the infusion benefit and not have it all ‘go’ to dealing with the ‘invasion’, yet still heal well. I had one ‘specialist’ insist on blood work less than 5 days after an infusion round – needless to say? It had to be re-done and things were not totally skewed as they had been rite after the first testing. I know I sort of vibrate in anticipation of my blood tests results….they can tell you a lot? But it sure takes a heap of work to try and understand it all!

As Dick so wisely said: Ain’t Broke? Don’t fix it!

Remember each of us is a unique being – we are all different in subtle ways, therefore we respond or not, well or not, to different treatments. IF you feel that the IVIG isn’t working as well as it should? Discuss this with your neuro and also IF you’ve gained or lost weight along the way? Gaining could mean you need more. Hope this helps!