Weird stuff

July 28, 2007 at 12:40 am

Nate has been known to fill a male urinal all the way to the top. When I told his new doc that, he said WOW. He is worried that Nate’s bladder has gotten very large, me too.
He is having me bring Nate back in a couple of weeks for them to teach him how to self-catheter. The doc says his bladder needs to be emptied about 5 times a day. Right now he only empties 3 times in 24 hrs average.
The doc says emptying it more will allow it to get smaller.
They are also going to CT scan nate’s whole urinary system to see if he has stones, the reason for the clots.
We have them on both sides, my mom, my sister, my daughter and nate’s dad.
Just that is scary enough but with him not emptying often, the chances go way up.
It still amazes me how many weird things GBS can leave you with.
Trudy, natesmom