weeeeiirrrrd dream

July 7, 2006 at 4:11 pm

[QUOTE=soapy]Have a seat, if you like, on the couch there. Tell me your dreams.[/QUOTE]

I have some wild “out there” dreams. Last week, I dreamt I was sitting on the couch watching “Who wants to be a millionaire?” when Marilyn Monroe came in, sat down, and started reading the newspaper to me (Marilyn Monroe? I’m 33! Go figure.) We talked football for a little while (she’s a Steelers fan too), then a 2 foot long model of the starship Enterprise came floating into the room. The next thing I know, I’m eating breakfast with President Nixon, and we’re not really talking much. I look up at him and say, “These eggs are cold.” Then, it occurs to me I don’t even like eggs for breakfast, and I wake up. What was THAT about????

I’ve been out of the hospital since Oct/04. Surely it ain’t the morphine!