weakened Immune system- avoid sick peopke?

February 12, 2011 at 6:14 pm

Answer- it seems like once a week lately.

Golly, if I knew somebody was sick I surely would avoid them as if they had the plague. The trouble is, I never know who is sick or, who has been sick.

Whaddya gonna do? Host a party and tell everybody, “please don’t come if you are sick or still contagious?”

How about somebody else’s party- same question but how you gonna ask it?

Or, the doctor’s office. I recently went to the doctor’s office. The waiting room filled up with people. Most of them were there because they were sick!

My wife and I keep sanitizer in the car and we also use it on the shopping carts when it is available.

I guess we’ll add some sanitizer at the front door for visitors. Seems a prudent thing to do. Yet it also seems like building a sand castle at low tide. A greater percentage of trouble may come from airborne particles.

As you said, you have a need to go the hospital or ER to visit somebody, hmm, can you just plain not go? Not likely. Yet, maybe that’s the position we need to take. So you go, you get sick, then you go to the doctor and then maybe you get meds and maybe you get better. Repeat.

Oh, sigh.