We’re easy ‘stick’s or not….

October 30, 2010 at 9:11 pm

Not that any of us LIKE being ‘sticked’?
You’ve got two options that are safest at this point, other than getting more ‘sticks’ each infusion, some good & some bad attempts.
Yes warming sites for IV lines is normal…makes the veins pop-up more to be accessed. I’d done it for quite a while before my deciding another option.
One is to consider the sub-cutaneous infusions? Done mostly w/o a nurse or having an IV PORT put in… I’m a chicken about needles, so I’d gotten the port put in last year.. there is some specialized care required w/ports? [Flushing at regular intervals to keep the ‘line clear’] But it’s one spot, directly into a major vein and always a GO! It’s heaven!
I can appreciate the 3-6 attempts to be ‘sticked’! [EVERY TIME] It’d often seem like a line in was good? Only to have that vein ‘blow-up’. And at times, I still ache at some bad needle sites.
Yes, each needle into you scars a bit of tissue. W/a port? Only one spot and it’s pre-numbed and ‘Stuck’ which gets totally numb on it’s own in that area after a while.
Web up ‘IV ports’, read about them and the ‘sub-cutaneous IV’ procedures each and decide on your own…then have a good sit-down talk w/your prescribing docs. Also web up all about sub-cutaneous IV procedures as well. Bring to your docs a list of what you’ve learned along w/the pro’s and con’s of what you feel about each. YOU need the treatment? Trick now is how best and safest to get it INTO YOU!
I and my infusion nurses have been careful to avoid that crucial inner elbow joint? As that’s where ER treatment is usually ‘installing’ any life-saving line. IF for example, you’re in a car wreck? How are the Techs gonna KNOW?
I understand your delemma, I just hope your docs are ‘up to date’ on this stuff…. Tell them cancer patients do it all the time for chemo! That’ll get them rolling. They’ll talk to cancer docs they know that do chemo and such and will then LEARN more.
If you go the ‘port route’? Let me know, there are a few extra things that no doc or nurse EVER tells you about it! Not serious? Just things that make life easier….
Until then? Good luck with happy ‘sticks’!!!! Hope love and happy HALLOWEEN! OOOH! CANDY!!!!!!