We NEED the "B"s but B-6 is an exception…

January 11, 2010 at 8:05 pm

First off, B-6 is useful in minimum doses as it does help with nerve repair. However IT has a very low dose ‘ceiling’. It is one of the ‘B’s that doesn’t pass thru us IF we get excess.
The two B’s needed are B-1 and B-12, That said? These B’s do pass thru unused/needed of these – just as excess Vitamin C is eliminated…IF we don’t need it.
The probelm is that to me, at least…B-6 seems to be ‘thrown in’ to a lot of other stuff! I’d been on what I thought was a prudent vitamin and mineral regimen until I took a close look at the ‘microprint’ on the labels! I was getting over 6 TIMES the Maximum recommended amounts…and at that point? Yes, my neuropathy aspects were worse! So I eliminated them and searched and started all over again w/products that were less inclined to OD me on any one ‘good thing’.
Do a web search of B-6 ‘overdose’ and see what you come up with! It’ll be interesting I bet. Good things and soon!