We Need Each Other

October 21, 2011 at 10:18 pm

The only thing that concerns me is this: I don’t want everyone to agree on everything all of the time. I like people having different opinions. I feel most comfortable listening to all sides (regarding treatments); doing what research I can and then making my own decisions. I believe that is most healthy and productive. There is not only one approach to anything. The problem, I believe, is not the differences of opinions, but the way some members come across in trying to convey their opinion. Top that off with some people (who are in so much pain, lonely, having financial difficulties, etc.) trying to convey their opinion and sometimes it may come out sounding pretty aggressive. Bottom line: The rule should be “RESPECT”. We all should respect one another- their condition of GBS/CIDP, the person who may be suffering silently, those who are lonely, those who are angry, those who are confused, those who are scared, those who are financially burdened, those who are in pain, those who cannot find the proper treatment, those suffering from side effects, etc. – YES….WE NEED EACH OTHER…..SO LET’S ALL SHOW RESPECT TO OUR SISTERS AND BROTHERS.