we need as many options we can find

July 13, 2011 at 8:36 pm

I believe that Chrissy’s comment/and question were addressed to me – not you.

I have studied wholistic health and read over 500 books for the last 41 years.
That is the amount of time that you have been alive. So I found it highly arrogant that you implied that I “can be sincerely wrong”. When You have 41 years of experience in the wholistic field, then you can judge me. Having survived GBS twice – 20 years apart – and not taking any steroids, IVIG, pain killers, or any other pharmaceuticals – I must be doing something right. (And please don’t say I had a mild case of it; I couldn’t stand for 4-5 months.) If it is your choice to follow the advice of your physicians for your CIDP, I do not question how successful that has been after seven years, because it is your choice and none of my business…as it is none of your business to criticize my input; let others have another option. I think results speak for themselves.