We Moved

September 4, 2008 at 9:49 pm

Mom was moved yesterday to a specialty hospital. I was a little nervous at first. We had been at the big hospital for almost 2 months and change is hard. The new hospital is much smaller but has a floor of 6 rooms that are considered Intensive care needs. She is still on the vent (her numbers look better and her lungs are getting stronger.) They had here on TP’s today for about 5 min. That is all she was able to do. So she was breathing on her own for about 5 min. today. The good and bad thing about this hospital is that it is much more focused on rehab and therapy which is a good thing in that she needs that very much to get better but it is also so hard to watch her go threw all that she does it hurts so much to just move. She was on the tilt table today for the first time and she was able to tolerate it for 15 min. Which I think is great considering it was her first time. They will push her much more here at this facility than at the other hospital. I know she needs to go threw all this rehab to get back to be even close to what she was capable of before GBS struck her. She seems to be in better spirits and seems to be a little more herself when talking with us. She is much less swollen and seems to be just overall looking better. It will be two months on the 8th since her first symptoms and we have come a long way and we have a long way to go. I hope and pray the progress continues and that we will start to see more good days than bad.

Wanted to update everyone and say thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.