We Have Our Baby!!!

July 30, 2008 at 2:50 pm

hi everyone! we had our baby!! i started with regular contractions saturday night at 11p.m. and was gonna go to hospital, but i couldnt find my car keys:eek: i was home alone and my hubby works 1 1/2 hours away, so i just kept myself in denial until about 2 a.m., when the contactions were 6 minutes apart. called hubby and he said he was getting out of work early, and would be home around 3:30 a.m., so i waited for him to take me instead of waking up my parents.

bummed when i got to hospital cuz i was only dilated to 2cm and was 75% thinned. just hung out until noon when doc came. then i was bummed again cuz i was only dilated to 5cm, baby was too high, and contactions were a bit irregular. so, he said no pain meds until he breaks my water at 2p.m. i was progressing too slowly and meds would drag it out even longer.

at 1:30p.m. i started walking again – alone while hubby slept. i was miserable, but i wanted to progress a lot before doc came and walking was the only thing i could do to keep myself sane – i hurt so bad. nurse said to just keep walking til doc comes at 2. so, thats what i did. only, doc never came at 2. he did call at 2:30, but nurse was busy transferring a pre-term girl to a larger hospital, and i hadnt been checked since doc saw me at noon. i heard her tell him i was doing the same, and then she went back to helping the other girl. i did nt want to bug her cuz taht other girl needed her more than i did at the time – she was sobbing and i only [B]wanted[/B] to cry at that point:o

by 3pm, i hurt so bad that i couldn walk anymore so i went back to my room, and rocked back and forth on an big exercise ball. couldnt take much more, so i hollared at hubby to get nurse, only hubby wouldnt wake up:mad: finally, i gave up on his sleepy butt, and rang for the nurse, asking for her to bring pain meds and to check me. then i climbed in bed, still alone with hubby across teh room chillin’ in the recliner:rolleyes:

15 minutes later, nurse came in, checked me and started shouting orders like, “get so and so”, and “go see if that other doctor is still around – her doc isnt gonna make it in time”. she had that room set up so fast! i asked her (she’s my friend) if she was gonna be delivering my baby herself and she gave me that look that there was no doubt in her mind what was about to happen. she said there was no time for pain meds and that we’d have our baby in ten minutes.

15 minutes later, we had our baby. doc had arrived just in time. we are all wonderful and are back at home now. hubby stayed up all night with baby and let me sleep. we named him Kai Nicholas. he weighed 7lbs12oz and was 21 inches long. he has tanned skin and dark brown straight hair. he has my big feet and long toes. has his daddy’s hairline and ears, and maybe my lips. the rest in a toss-up. i’ll post pics soon. hubby will have to help me with that.

okay, gotta get going!
talk to ya soon!