We have a lot in common..

March 9, 2009 at 8:51 pm

Hi guys.. Jeff, I read your post re: residuals and then I read a little on your history.. I think we share quite a lot of similiarities.. Is it my understanding you were healthy pre gbs, and walking good etc… Sounds like you were recovering, and at about 6 months out things sort of hit a wall, and may have declined for you.. Hence, you have had residuals of pain, fatigue etc… Are you still diagnosed gbs? Maybe I will pm…
Anyway, I hope I have stayed true to residual post, and this is intriguing to me, (and hopefully) others, as I had prior symptoms similiar, but the light bulb never went on with me, or the doctors.. They were too busy treating for lymmes and other stuff..
Hope for our recoveries……. deano:)