We do have separate forums …

November 15, 2011 at 7:14 pm

When I first joined the GBS/CIDP foundation discussion boards, I spent several months on the CIP-CIDP forum only. I had so many questions and I went straight to where I believed would be the people that faced the same challenges I do. It was quite awhile before I ventured into any other forums.

This foundation does much more than just the forums that benefit both conditions. And they’ve provided us with various forums depending on various factors. Most of the SCT discussion takes place on the CIP/CIDP forum, the Main Forum, and when things go right, the Success Stories Forum (it’ s always fun to read everyone’s success story, regardless of if it is GBS or CIDP!!!!).

I think the various forums are set up quite well. The issues/challenges faced are different if you are a child or an adult or a parent or a caregiver … and for the specifics to CIDP, I go that forum. Before this is taken wrong, I have no problem with people posting to any and all of the forums. I’m just saying, for me, if I have a question about my condition, I do go to that forum.

My thoughts …