Way to go! Super! Stacy….

December 10, 2008 at 11:21 am

I do understand about the ‘hamster wheel’ and all that entails. Good decisions or bad… I go/went for two out of three opinions one way or the other before [B]I[B][/B][/B] Decide. For the CIDP and other issues as well.

As for IVIG? What you had been getting [dose wise] sure sounded, well, miserly to me. And not what you needed for what all you have. It sounds as if your current neuro’s approach to things is reasonably cautious yet, agressively pragmatic for your situation. What more can you ask for? Really?

I like the description of ‘smoldering’…. I’m in a similar situation now and being bounced around to specialists who’ve NO CLUE about all that CIDP CAN affect. As they often say? Other things are ‘brewing’. Sigh.

Sometimes you have to go around the block a couple of times to find the right parking place? That’s how I feel about some docs at times. Just learn from it all and now benefit from the experiences. Plus, Hoping you feel SUPER soon on a really decent dose of IVIG!