April 11, 2010 at 8:22 pm


I grew up in Illinois, but have lived in Colorado and Utah for over 30 years now. I’d like to give some advice, which I routinely give to visitors from the midwest, and, unfortunately, some don’t take seriously.

HYDRATION!!! Make SURE you drink a LOT of water while you’re in Colorado, whether you are active or not. The humidity level in the midwest is a lot higher than in the west, where it is commonly only 10% or so. You can lose a LOT of water just breathing! That’s not a joke…you can google it. I’ve heard that on hot days, in upper elevations, you can lose up to a liter an hour just through normal respiration. In the midwest, where it’s more humid, you don’t lose as much; here there’s little moisture in the air to help keep you hydrated. People don’t believe us until they suffer the effects.

I’d start drinking extra water a couple of weeks before your trip, then make sure you have a water bottle with you at all times. Most of my visitors that have had “altitude sickness” could have avoided a lot of it if they’d have taken that warning seriously.

I’ll let others address the specific CIDP concerns, as others will be more experienced with that. But, as general rule, I’ve not seen too many visitors bothered by coming to Denver or Salt Lake City, as they’re both 5200 feet or less. If you go “up in the hills”, though, I’d be careful with exertion. Aspen and Vail are about 9000-10,000 feet above sea level; that’s quite a change from Michigan. I’d also try and schedule any “higher elevation” excursions for later in your visit, once you’ve acclimated somewhat to the difference in Denver.

The other warning…sunscreen! You can burn much more easily at higher elevations because there’s less “stuff” between you and the sun. One thing you’ll notice is how much “blue-er” the sky is…that’s because of the lack of moisture, etc., in the air. I’m constantly amazed when I go back to the midwest at how “hazy” the sky looks; it’s like an “overcast” day here usually.

Have a great time…the west is a beautiful part of the world!

Just my two cents’ worth…



November 3, 2006 at 6:25 pm

they want you to drink lots of water to flush your system and move along the (medicine). i was on i.v.i.g. and chemo. at the same time and i drank tons of water to keep flushing out my system. besides water is very healthy for you. i drink a lot of bottled water. don’t know why; i guess i just like holding a bottle. (which isn’t easy when you’re numb and paralyzed). hope i didn’t confuse you. drink up!!! 🙂