was wondering what you found out about the LDN???

October 10, 2010 at 3:07 pm

[QUOTE=Dawn Kevies mom]Hi laurel,
Nice to hear or should I say read from you!! Some studies as well as at the Chicago sympos. suggest frequency is more important than quantity. If you think about it, it makes sense because it keeps the titers more balanced. We did go down by 10 g every period. Currently, we get a maint. dose, which is half of a load, every month, but we split it. So we get 35 grams one day every 2 weeks. As usual, we are sick, so we are causing an immune response, therefore using the ivig faster, so I think we may need a load in between. Contemplating this. I am also going to ask about adding low dose naltrexone, so many readings about its benefits with ms. There is a new study that usues albuterol to put ms into remission too!! Looking into that. Anyway, off topic, sorry! Good luck![/QUOTE]

I myself am going to ask about LDN on thursday when i go back to the lahey clinic. Ive been dooing a lot of reseaerch on it and it seems to be working for a numerous amount of auto-immune conditions in the dose of 4.5 mg. Am curious as to what the response was when you asked—keep us posted. I’ll post what i find out on thurs. about it. Lori