Warning for those who get the Hiccups!

September 12, 2006 at 11:47 pm

When in the hospital and recovering and on the trache I would yawn myself to sleep! 50 to 300 times each night. My face would ache the next morning. I had asked the nurse to check to see if there was anything I could be given for the yawning. She checked and come back with a frown and said she was sorry but there was nthing I could be given…..so I put up with the yawning at night! When I was moved to rehab things had started to slowly get better but I got the hiccups often. I had a cure for the hiccups and it worked for me as it has in my pre GBS days. I will post that below the rest of my story! My warning is NOT to be around your parrot when you have the hiccups! Mine now will wake me up with them in my voice! He adds my usual moan in the right places too!

As soon as I realize I have the hiccups I look at the clock with a second hand and concentrate on the hiccups and the seconds that pass between them. I time my hiccups much like one would time labor pains. By the time I get to seven seconds they are usually gone!

As for the parrot he gets a little tap on his cage to break his concentration on his quest to irritate me. As much as it must of got his attention when I got them! Now when I get them we both hiccup till my laughter gets him laughing….yes in my voice too!

I had read some where that there are two muscles that are in your diaphram area and they work together to breath….when they work oppossite that causes you to hiccup.

Take care!