waiting on approval for ivig

January 9, 2010 at 7:15 pm

i am still waiting on approval through medicare. my dr is working on it. i had gbs first now cidp i feel like pins and needles from the chin down.this has been going on for 3 years.i am having incontinence issues as well. i am very frustrated.there doesnt seem to be an end in sight. i already have permanent damage to my feet, i am afraid my hands may be permantly damaged as well. I have learned to deal with my feet and use forarm crutches. my doctor says eventually i will be back in a wheelchair(with the gbs i was paralyzed to my eyes and eventually got into a power chair then had achilles tendons released to correct my drop foot of both feet. i wore afos and learned to walk with a walker and the crutches and now a cane around the house.) i still wear an afo on the left because that side is too weak to go without one. the numbness and tingling seem to getting stronger. they are going to do ivig as soon as i get rid of a kidney stone. had lithotrypsy done once for the stone but appearently they just chipped it and now i have to do it all again. i am feeling very anxious and depressed. i want to be better. i feel lucky that i am able to get around, i drive short distances like to work and the Y. and feel lucky that i can work partime they are very understanding about my health issues(i am bipolar as well). i just get so overwhelmed these days. i seem to be more aware of the things i cant do.
i know ivig wont fix me completley but would like to have the opprotunity to see what it can do. jojo