November 13, 2008 at 6:14 pm

Sometimes the vocal cords are irritated by the tube in the throat to allow the breathing machine to breathe for her and this makes the voice higher or more whispery. this should improve, especially since she was only on the vent for two weeks. (I know that two weeks seems an eternity, but a lot of people are on a lot longer). You do not way how old your daughter is, but the other thing that can happen to teens and young adults is that you get so scared that you act younger and need mom and dad time even if someone had been “all grown up” before. This illness is scarey. Being in the ICU is scarey. I think the thing that I wanted most right after I got sick was my mom and I am totally grey haired from lots of life experiences under my belt (note, I did not say old age:D ).

The other advice for you is to hold tight to hope. We tell people that GBS means “getting better slowly”. It will take time, but she has already made a big step. Keep encouraging her and supporting her. Write to the Foundation and get the information booklet. It will help a lot. As Dawn says, make sure that they go slow with the PT as doing too much with nerves and muscles that do not talk well to each other any more can cause muscle damage and pain. When she gets pretty tired or sore, she needs to stop. It is better to do little bits often than try to do much at once. By little bits, some people can only do 3 minutes of activity at the beginning. One is back to baby steps.
WithHope for a cure of these diseases