Vite D does more than most appreciate

October 25, 2010 at 8:16 pm

Read the last sentence of the second paragraph:

Here is what the NIH says to ‘health professionals’ [I’m not one? But found a
way to get the info…just try.]

Because we don’t get around so well? We don’t get OUT that much, or at least, as much as we SHOULD. Good supplements help, but finding good ones is harder-some stores sell quality stuff, others iffy stuff. Do your research well in this quarter. It’s mind boggling to slog thru, but in the end? YOU WILL be a better consumer and patient!
Don’t let this stuff scare you…knowledge is your key to prevention. A lot of the meds we take for pain? Are notorious for depleting calcium intake…no matter how good our diets.
I started showing the ‘D’ Deficiency BEFORE I’d gone on IVIG… and I’ve found little in IT of itself to be a cause.
One further step I have done, and suggest others do? IS to get tested by an Endocrinologist. Why? Because I’ve seen a lot of folks who have thyroid issues who have CIDP/GBS and of those? LOTS have autoimmune thyroid problems as well.
It’s not as scary as it seems, you get tested? Get a sono, maybe get a ‘node’ biopsy and you get thyroid substitues to help asorbtion along. A good site to check out is URL… it’s a great site all about your endo system[s]! Good luck!