Vitamin D Deficiency — ???

January 28, 2007 at 12:30 am

Hi Everybody,

I was reading through this thread very intrigued — it seems that there actually are quite a few folks — at least on this thread — that came down with GBS in the winter months — it would be interesting to know what the national percentage really is. — ??? —

There is a theory about a D deficiency and the flu. ie; Here in the US — our winter / early spring months are the flu season. And it’s also when most folks are not getting any sunshine — which means their vitamin D levels are the lowest.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on vitamin D deficiency the last couple of years. I currently supplement with D3 — trying to get my levels up to 80ng/ml. I have had several 25, hydroxy blood tests to measure my progress.

What I’ve learned is that the scientists believe that a[B] D deficiency alters the immune system [/B]– making us susceptible to a host of illnesses — ranging from the flu — to autoimmmune diseases — to various cancers.

Here are a couple of links about vitamin D deficiency if you want to read more.



I don’t have GBS but my brother does — I’ve asked him to ask his doctor for a vitamin D test to see where his level is.

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