July 11, 2007 at 12:19 pm

Nate was visited by two people who had previously had GBS and were totally recovered.
One had it in 1992 and the other in 2004.
It helped Nate a lot to see that they were ok, doing normal things and not left with a lot of risiduals.
The one that had it in 1992 does shark fishing tournaments, catches them himself, works out and is full of muscles. You never would be able to tell that he had ever been sick a day in his life.
He still has numbness in his hands but does everything just fine.
The other one has no risiduals that I know of. She used to post here but I haven;t seen her in a long time.
She came to visit nate early in his hospital stay and the day before he was discharged from the hospital and she was doing just fine.

Trudy, natesmom