Vision problems

June 10, 2007 at 9:22 am

KarmaCat-glad that you are now able to consider yourself ‘post GBS’ or nearly so. Oddly enough, before GBS manifested itself in the usual way ie-paralysis, pain ,etc, I had a few early signs which I now know in retrospect were beginning symptoms. One of them was the feeling of cold feet even though they were warm to the touch and you know where that goes next! Another was something you experienced with your vision-and prominent only at night with the eyes closed and that symptom was the flashing lights. It was worrisome at the time because that is one of the signs of macular degeneration but soon other worries took over as you would well know. Sometime between starting IVIG and getting out of intensive care they stopped so that would be a matter of a few days. It took a couple of weeks before being able to read however, I think that was simply a case of fatigue though.
It may be that different parts of us recover at different rates-I am hoping your recovery will be as near to complete as mine is!

good luck , Ray