Very thoughtful

August 29, 2008 at 7:34 am

Hi Sherry,

That is very nice of you. Yes, we love animals. The only reason I have held off so far is that was due to allergies are really bad. I don’t think a pet could make it any worse though. I had a shelty through my childhood up until marriage and loved him. He was special. My daughter Kelly and I dog sit a Chocolate for the neighbor. We love the breed. they got theirs somewhere north of harrisburg, pa. their first lab was black and had sever hip problems and they lost her last year to renal failure from tha nsaids. Now they went chocolate. Found a good breeder, and she is the most beautiful lab I have ever seen. Her name is Marly. I would love to raise one along side of her. we are close by. Kelly has a year left and she is off to college, so I’d be on my own with one. I’ll give it more thought. This is Marly. Not my pup, but maybe one day. thanks.