Veronica? It is going to be a loong road…

June 3, 2010 at 6:52 pm

And I wish I could say it gets easier? But, these things are well, all goes haywire?
I agree with Rhonda? That IF key tests are done, they could get IVIG into him very soon… But different countries, different doctors and different hospitals, CAN make this difficult to beyond awkward?
IF I were you? I’d find the BEST IMMUNE SPECIALIST in your country and go to bat! You know what I mean. It’s your best bet? And, IF you need to use the press to do it? DO IT! NOW!
I also suggest you web up everything on ‘Hepatitis’ and “GBS’ as well? So you can address any off base question asked.. You are going to have to be an EXPERT? But it’s necessary. And, my goodness! My heart is crying for you and your Brother!
It is very hard to to Tough and Smart at such times? BUT? YOU are his advocate! Soo? You’ve got to be tough and smart and INFORMED for him.
Veronica? He’s IN my prayer list! Guaranteed, untill, I learn better? HUGS Hope and future!